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Get found online, be really helpful, convert traffic into customers

Dori Media is an inbound marketing agency. All of the services we offer revolves around creating top quality content to convert website traffic into loyal, returning, paying customers.

Content marketing starts with a solid strategy. Understanding who your customers are, how can you help them and how to get them to love you and your product or service.

Once they get to your website, what content is on your website to help them make important decisions? What makes a potential customer choose you over your competitor?

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    Perception is everything.

    Someone once said “How you do something is how you do everything”. If the photos on your website are bad, potential customers will assume everything you do is bad. We provide a professional photography service for events, locations and your products. We’ve photographed everything from politicians to properties, from resorts to retirees. We’ve shot events, products, teams and services, both from the ground and from our drone.

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  • content creation

    Content Creation

    Your website is the hub of an online community. Customers visit looking for your voice, your brand personality, and an inviting call to action.

    Establish yourself as a resource. When customers believe they can rely on your site for helpful, engaging information, they want to return and engage, whether that means following you in social media, signing up for an e-mail newsletter, or making a purchase.

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  • Video Creation

    We believe video marketing offers great potential in many diverse types of business. We can see its value since it can deliver help influence prospects and customers throughout the customer lifecycle.

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  • Social Media

    Your favorite bar down the street has a Facebook page with more followers than most small countries. The 12-year-old next door gives his dad an allowance from the money he makes publishing YouTube videos. Heck, the neighborhood cat has its own Instagram account and already shopped its life story to the Hallmark Channel.

    There’s a lot going on out in the world. Our team is here to give you the tools and expert advice you need to cut through that chatter and deliver your message to your customers.

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  • Analytics & Insight

    Analytics isn’t reports. It’s analysis. While the ROI report’s important, there’s more to learn, including valuable lessons for moving forward. Dori Media will help you unearth actionable insights from your data.

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  • User Experience (UX)

    How do your website visitors use your website? Why do they leave your website? How can you convert more of your website visitors into buying customers? This is something that we specialise in.

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