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  • Online marketing, Google AdWords and Analytics
  • Promotional video creation and video marketing
  • Photography and complete content marketing


  • Spam our customer’s inbox with excessive marketing
  • Stagnant marketing strategies that don’t work
  • Market your services to the wrong audience

Adam CrouchleyWebsite Design & Content Creation

Adam Crouchley

Website Design & Content Creation

“Growing up on a dairy farm in Mid Canterbury was an excellent way to spend my childhood, but not a career that I wanted to pursue.”

Adam Crouchley started Dori Media in 2010 after continuous success online with several projects he was working on. With a long standing background in social media marketing, Adam has become known locally as a strong influencer online.

A keen WordPress fan, he has built hundreds of websites. “We can do so much with WordPress, we can add many many different functions to your website. We don’t need to create software if you want an unusual function to be added to your website, someone has probably already done it for WordPress. Our WordPress are very easy for Google to find too, which keeps on bringing great results for our clients.”

Adam has strong experience in short video production too. His videos have almost a million views on YouTube and have been featured on websites like Top Gear UK.

“I know how powerful a single person can be online. Someone who loves a business or organisation can do great things for that business, without even really knowing it. I love finding these people, building an army of them and using that army to grow a business.”

In 2011 Adam wrote an ebook and sold thousands of copies worldwide through social media and content marketing.