Social Media Marketing

Our philosophy behind social media marketing is quite simple;

“Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for a lifetime”

The best people in your business to be social are the people in your business, not some so called ‘social media expert’.

At Dori Media we help organisations craft a social media strategy so that they can achieve the business goals that they want, using social media.

We have worked with a number of companies large and small, across a range of different industries and used different social media platforms and achieved REAL business results.

How We Help Our Clients With Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy is all about setting the plan. For many business owners, managers and marketing managers they don’t know where to start with social media. They don’t know what platforms to use or what to actually say to their customers once they are there. Dori Media can help by creating a complete social media marketing strategy. We will give you all the tools needed to be successful on whatever social media platform is right for you. We will even help you develop a content strategy and calendar so you will never be stuck for ideas.

Social Media Mentoring

Once businesses have a clear strategy for their social media marketing we can also help guide them through the implementation process and offer mentoring for as long as they like. This helps businesses stay confident in their social media journey.

Social Media Consulting

Dori Media also offers a wide variety of social media marketing consulting services and can get our head around any problem and help you find the answers.

Facebook Marketing

One of the most popular social media platforms in the world is Facebook. Being the most popular has its advantages and its challenges. Dori Media has helped many businesses craft strong social media marketing strategies using Facebook. Find out more about Facebook Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Utilising Twitter to market your business online is all about engaging with your audience, growing your audience, staying on top of the ever-changing technology and using the right social media marketing strategy to suit your growing business needs.

You Tube Marketing

Video is becoming an important part of any social media marketing strategy. Dori Media has helped a number of businesses around New Zealand showcase their business, or show social proof by way of video testimonials. Video can be a powerful marketing tool and we can help you make the most of it in your business.

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn is one of the original social networks and it is still growing strong. LinkedIn as opposed to other social media platforms has a strong B2B focus, this has its unique challenges when trying to engage potential and current customers. Dori Media has helped a wide range of companies use LinkedIn to connect with their customers.

Content Marketing

Your website is the hub of an online community. Customers visit looking for your voice, your brand personality, and an inviting call to action.

Establish yourself as a resource. When customers believe they can rely on your site for helpful, engaging information, they want to return and engage, whether that means following you in social media, signing up for an e-mail newsletter, or making a purchase.

This gives you a chance to reinforce your message and, yes, ‘pitch’ them on your product or service again and again.

Dori Media can help you craft a wide range of content which can be delivered across your online marketing channels.